Target eHR – Target Team Member Services and Schedules

Target eHR is Online portal for employees working at Target Corporation, based primarily in the United States. If you are a working employee at Target or its subsidiaries you are qualified to access Target eHR through which you can manage your Pay Stubs, Payment Options, Leaves and Time offs, etc

Why is Target eHR useful?

Target eHR – Target Team Member Services and Schedules
Target Team Member Services and Schedules

Through Target eHR one can have access to various perks and benefits like Health Plans, Retirement Plans, and other Information. Using Target eHR you can do a lot of things without having to go through a lot of complications.

  • Every time you need some assistance, you don’t have to wait for your superior to appear and waste your time and energy in the process. You can just Login to your Target eHR and Select Time Off Delegation. And Target is known for being very considerate, So unless your working performance is not up to the mark you will mostly be granted a Time Off.
  • Know all the information about your payroll before the payday which helps you in preventing any mistakes from happening, be it something like you didn’t get paid for a paid leave or if your attendance is not what you think it should be. You can always talk to management and file an issue/ complaint.
  • Changing and updating your new address or Mobile phone number can be a hassle if you go through the normal process, so Target eHR further simplifies the process and made it available to you in just a few clicks.
  • Get to know your working days and shifts by clicking on View my Schedule which can save your pay leaves and you can be more flexible if you attending a college, school or any part-time job.
And you can do these
  • You can request a Direct Deposit of your funds to your account and then withdraw them as it fits your convenience. And you can also view your previous pay stub statements and you can either view manually or you edit your preference to do it automatically.
  • You can also request a Discount card, though the approval might depend on your time with Target, you will be granted special discounts which will save you a lot of money. All you have to do is Login to Target eHR and click on Request a Discount Card under Others section.
  • You can also submit your Tax Forms directly from the Portal, After logging in click on Submit Tax Forms and proceed with the respective process.

And many more!

Target eHR Employee Login

  • Click on the link to go to Targets, team member services page

Go to the Page

  • Click on eHR which is labeled in Red
  • It then takes you to Which says ‘Authorized User Only!‘ and also ‘Login to access your applications
  • Enter your respective Username and Password, then click login


If you are a new employee and haven’t logged in yet, you will be asked some basic security questions like What was your High School name where you graduated from, Your Phone Number and other things which you obviously provided when you signed up for Target. Nothing too difficult.

If you have done that or have done that previously you will be presented with a page saying ‘F5 Dynamic Webtop‘ and displays eHR as available Applications and Links.

  • Click on eHR under Applications and Links
  • Then it takes you to ‘HR – dynamic Page‘ which displays a Message where it clearly mentions to use Internet Explorer and not other browsers because they might not be compatible for accessing the website and its functionality.
  • After carefully reading the Note click on ‘CONTINUE
  • It takes you to another Target eHR login Portal, enter your login details and click on Login

Do not Bookmark this page because its a Dynamically Generated page which means it changes every time you log in and may not work after a certain interval of time.

Now you have been successfully logged in to your Target eHR portal Account.

Cannot Access Target eHR from Home Error Troubleshooting

Before anything, Use Internet Explorer as its the only browser to have all the functionality to run this website

  • Open the Internet Options Menu by clicking on the ‘Gear Icon’
  • Click on the Tab saying ‘Security’
  • Then open Trusted sites which have a Checkmark/ Ticked Icon and click on Sites on the Right
  • Copy and paste this Link to space and Click on Add

Go to the Page

  • Click close and Then OK
  • Then click on this Link to access the Target eHR and you will get an Error and it prompts to start a New session

Go to the Page

  • Start a New session by clicking on the link

Follow the process shown above and you are done!

What is a LAN ID?

LAN ID is nothing but your Login ID or Team Member Number which you use to login into your Account.It contains letters and numerals, like 768YU7B or Y67UI76

Target eHR Password

If you can’t access your account or forgotten your Password call to these following Phone Numbers

Client Support Center (CSC): 612-304-HELP (4-4357)

Target Team Member Services Department: 1-800-394-1885

For a more detailed guide read this: Target eHR Password

What do I see now?

You can watch some of the Handy Guides for Help with Target eHR which are listed under Manage Your Pay & Benefits Online. They contain

  • Target eHR Guide
  • My Pay Guide
  • Pay Choices Guide
  • My Tax Forms Guide
  • Vacation/ Personal Holiday Request Guide
  • Under Target eHR section you have

Add/ Change My Personal Information

  • Address
  • Domestic Partner
  • Email Address: Contact Email Address which will be used to send payment alerts etc
  • Emergency Contacts: Contacts who will be informed of any emergencies you might face
  • LGBT Designation
  • Military Designation
  • Phone Number: If you got a New Phone Number and want to get further alerts and messages to that number
  • Race/ Ethnicity Designation
  • Spanish Language Preference: Change your language preference to Spanish


  • Personal Information Release
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employment Verification
  • Request a Discount Card
  • Submit Tax Forms
  • Time Off Delegation
  • myTime Self Service
  • Pay Statement Preference
  • RED360
  • View my Schedule
  • Vacation/ PH-LX Pharmacists
  • View Archived Pay Detail
  • View Pay Statement
  • Payment Options

Can be accessed by clicking on Direct Deposit under Other listings. You have many options to choose and learn more about the plans offered by Target eHR. Some of the most important ones being

  • Health Plans: Target most of the times offers to pay more than 50% of your medical expenses; if you are qualified for their criteria.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: One of the tax-advantaged Financial accounts, which results in more savings from your Payroll.
  • 401(K) & Retirement: This plan enables you to contribute a small portion of your earnings to your employer on a tax-deferred basis. Which simply means that you can now have retirement savings without paying extra tax. You will get your savings back when you retire and you only need to pay a very little tax compared the original tax. This plan will help you leverage time and make more profits at your retirement.
  • Request Pay Statements: Just to check everything is going as you expect them.
  • Discounts & Perks: Target eHR provides many Discount and offers in their stores and other stores as well which may save a few bucks off your banks.
  • Job Opportunities: Target helps and encourages its employees to pursue their dream jobs and has a board where it displays Job Opportunities in Target eHR.


Target Corporation, founded by George Draper Dayton in 1902, was one of the Largest Department store chain Retailer in the United States Ranked #8 by S&P Index. Originally it was named as Goodfellow Dry Goods and had many Name and Branding changes until it was named as Target in 2000.

The company was Headquartered at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Target has a Net Revenue of $71.9Billion and employs more than 345,000 people as per the Forbes listing. Early On The company found itself doing well in Discount Listings and Now Target is known for its affordable prices and Quality of their Products. As one of its core values ‘Expect More, Pay Less.’

Awards and Recognition for the Company

Target Corporation was Featured on

  • Forbes’ Just Companies 2019 Ranked #53
  • Forbes’ America’s Largest Public Companies 2018 Ranked #39 for Sales and #78 for Profit
  • Fortune 500’s Largest US Corporations for Net Revenue Ranked #39
  • Barron’s 2018 Corporate Citizen Ranked #31
  • The Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index Score of 100
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Awarded ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year 2016
  • DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity Ranked #22

Disclaimer: This Site is an independent that is not associated with Target or its affiliates. We will not, in any case, ask for your personal information. There is a confusion regarding how to login into Target eHR. Please note that the content on this site is for educational and informational purposes only. This domain is Secured with https://. We will not Store or Collect any User information. “Target”, “Target Bullseye Logo” and others are Trademarks of Target Corporation.