Target Employee Uniform

As a target employee, have you ever wondered, if the Targets’ celebrated Red T-shirt and Khakee Pant Uniform are mandatory or not? There were many complaints from consumers at Target reporting employees that they are not wearing their designated identity Uniform. Are these complaints really that big of a deal? or if they are not, what is an appropriate dress code for Target employees?

Well, Uniforms in the first place are designed to tell customers from employees which saves a lot of pain for employees and embarrassment for fellow customers. But after researching about this topic, Most of the times you can get away with a Red T-shirt and random jeans or something like that.

Target Uniform

Target Uniform – The Dress code, Alternatives, and Restrictions

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If you messed up something in your Laundry schedule and didn’t have an extra pair of Khaki pants with you, don’t think too much about it and just wear a full-length Jeans or Trousers. I said full-length because there are many discussions on online forums where some customers felt that the clothing employees wore were “inappropriate” and got stopped what they were doing and complained about the matter to Managers. So try to wear something bland and generic to stay away from all that pain.

Dress codeKhaki pant and Red T-shirt
Alternative for Red T-shirtRed cardigan or Red Zip-up Hoodie
Alternative for Khaki PantsJeans or Trousers with
ShoesAny type of closed-toe shoes, Sneakers are preferred
AvoidRipped jeans, Political or Religion Offensive

What about Piercings, Tattoos, and Hair Colors?

This is best explained in the answer by an anonymous user on,

Each Target will enforce it’s own rules, especially depending on the store owner or regional manager. Some Targets will say no piercings, tattoos, or non-natural hair colors. At the Target I work at, we are allowed to express ourselves in those ways as long as it is not offensive, political, or gang-related. It is best to ask your own store’s HR representatives about the dress code.

So, After you have heard everything Bottom line is Ask your Manager or your store’s HR representative if you are unsure about anything.